donderdag 8 augustus 2013

Reaching the milestone of 50 bets; analysis of my performance and some statistics

Today I have reached the milestone of 50 bets since starting my Twitter-account and blog. The reason I started the blog was that I wanted to improve my betting and trading skills, and ofcourse to share my profits with you. After 50 bets the time is right to see how things are developing. To be honest I am not moaning about the results. I started with an fictional bankroll of €200 , meaning I would use a €10 maximum stake (5% of 200).

Some keyfacts:  

Total bets: 50  
Total bets won: 28  
Total bets pushed: 6  
Total bets lost: 16
Total staked: 485  
Total profit: 103,28  

My Yield : 21,29% = (103,28/485)x100%
The Yield is calculated by deviding the profit between total staked.

Return on Investment: 151,64% = (303,28/200)x100%
The Return on Investment is calculating by deviding the current bankroll between the bankroll I started with, my amount willing to risk.

Strike Rate: 56,00% = (28/50) x 100%
The strike rate is calculated by deviding winning bets between the total bets placed. 
Strike Rate (push excepted): 63,64% =  (28/(50-6))x100%
 If I decide to except the pushed bets from the total bets my Strike Rate becomes even higher.

Loss Rate:
@Goallist_Ronnie mentioned on Twitter that the Loss Rate is more valuable to him, he uses it to gauge the length and extent of losing runs.
Loss Rate : 32,00% = (16/50)x100%
If I understand the concept correctly my maximum losing run in a bettingserie of 100 bets placed would be 32 bets. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I hope I can maintain this numbers at the next measurement point, which will be 100 bets, and ofcourse the end of the season.
If you have any comments, or you think I use an formula wrong, please drop a comment in the section below, always eager to learn!

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